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Please upload WEBSITE to hosting account before 2 p.m. Thursday

Please upload INTERACTIVE HTML to hosting account before 2 p.m. Tuesday

Please schedule ONE-ON-ONE conference

Please submit INTERACTIVE FLA before 2 p.m. Tuesday

Please submit WEBSITE STRATEGY PDF before 2 p.m. Thursday




Woohoo! It's our first major project, visitor!

We're entering the home stretch with just a few significant projects left, but don't forget amid all the projects to sign up for and attend a required one-on-one session before Thanksgicing break.

Our first major project, due in phases over several weeks, is to create a national and international news website using timely material available through as of 4:50 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 8, augmented by whatever interactive or multimedia elements you create to accompany the entrepreneurially engaging selection of news you curate in such a way as to give your site a competitive advantage over all other professional sites.

We devoted the entirety of lab Nov. 8 to gathering and downloading material for the site using username UILJS1 and password Journalist1 . Only material obtained from AP or from minimal web-based research that might be used to enhance such material in the normal design process may be used for the exercise.

Your site must be created in WordPress, on your university hosting account, at the address You also must write a strategy memo and post a PDF of it to this site using a form available on the assignment page.

Time is now "frozen" at 4:50 p.m. Nov. 8. Anything occuring or posted by AP after that time should not be used or considered in any way.

Students should complete a solid first draft of their sites well before 2 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 15. We will devote the entirety of that class to addressing technical concerns and to evaluating content and design strategies. Students will be expected not only to have completed a version of their own sites but also to have thoroughly reviewed their classmaters' projects and come to class prepared to offer detailed criticism of each effort.

Final sites and strategy memos will be due at 2 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 27, after we return from break. Students should expect to make substantial revisions to their sites after the critique session. Typically, problems identified during initial reviews result in significant changes in both technology and content strategies.

Our interactive assignment, originally due Thursday, Nov. 8, has been delayed until 2 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 13, to allow sufficient time for students to devote attention to both projects. Your interactive should be posted via your hosting account at this address: We'll do a similar review of classmaters' projects that day. Final versions will be due at 2 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 29.

Be warned: If meaningful first drafts are not posted by the review date, the option to resubmit improved versions later will be rescinded, and whatever is posted Nov. 13 will be graded as is. A similar warning is made for the website project.

Gradebook updated

Revised grades, reflecting projects re-submitted Nov. 6, have been posted. All in all, 52 graded assignments were revised. Several resulted in substantially increased grades; however, most resulted in only a point or two of difference, and some were essentially at the same level as previously. A few actually would have gone down in points, but no student was penalized for re-submitting a project even if it introduced a new error. Revised projects may be seen in the online gallery but will not be posted in the hallway so we can retain a record of original submissions.

Here's the current grade distribution in the class: