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Read: Presentations 1.



Animate review and WordPress

Read: Lynda WordPress and theme tutorials and PressCoders customization guide; interactive to discuss.





Please upload ANIMATION to hosting account before start of lecture




Getting animated about this week's assignment

Links we will be using this week:

We're entering the home stretch as we finish up a simple practice exercise involving animation, due in draft form Tuesday and final form Thursday, and create a much more important interactive graphic, due in lab the following Thursday, with a discussion assignment of a tightly written but well-researched planning memo in between, due at the start of lecture April 14.

These will be the final three assignments of any consequence before turning our attention almost exclusively to two major projects — a competitive national and international news website and a do-it-all final project of a cover page and accompanying interactive site. Aside from a discussion note and possibly reinstitution of the delayed news photo assignment, that's all that stands between us and freedom — I mean, the end of the semester.

For the animation, make sure your practice exercise includes both some form of animation (motion) and some form of interaction (user input) so that you can practice techniques you will need for subsequent assignments. For this one, the subject matter isn't important. We may be opening Pandora's box, visitor, but give us something that's somewhere inbetween immensely useful or uproariously funny and at least mildly entertaining and that, more important, demonstates your understanding of the basic techniques involved.

Be sure to name the file generated by Animate's File / Publish settings with the name animation.html and upload it along with any and all other files created, including (if created) animation.js and any image , sound and other folders, along with their contents, to the public_html directory within File Manager of your hosting account so that it appears, working perfectly, at

Note that security restrictions on your computer may or may not make it difficult to test outside of Animate's Control / Test movie feature. Also note that it's important to right-click and convert all type to paths (in Illustrator) or bitmaps (in Animate). Otherwise, the editability of type remaining as type might interfere with a movie clip functioning as a button, and the font itself may shift depending on whether it is installed on the viewer's computer.

For the planning memo, the most important thing is to craft a plan for obtaining a dominant visual image — almost always a photograph — that will actually tell the story, not just illustrate it or tell us what only what the whole package is about. Next most important is planning for some truly interactive, uniquely online element. Additional graphics, photos, audio, video, story text and the like will round out the effort but should not> be the main elements of what you propose.

The topic must be currently newsworthy — either straight news or features, including presentations of merely useful information. It also must be something that could reasonably be obtained, with backup ideas in case some key element fails, for an identifiable professional publication or the Daily Illini.

This could be a first draft of your plan for your final project but could also be about something different.

For the interactive graphic, a series of different, only somewhat interrelated datasets and an example of how another dataset (on presidential election results by state) are provided. Your challenge is to find a story worth telling out of the data and then use the techniques available within Adobe Animate to tell that story compellingly. Many different stories and strategies are possible. Most will not simply be a single set of numbers presented with an American flag background. Yours may even be something other than color-coded states.

That assignment, which may require starting work now, will be due in lab next week, our one absolutely mandatory day of attendance this year, as you will be working that day to gather material from AP Newsroom (user UILJS1 , password Journalist1 ) that you will assemble into a uniquely competitive, general-audience, national and international website posted to a WordPress installation at on your university hosting account.

These reasons now are part of the 6,690 assembled in the all-time list of the Top 10 Reasons We Love JOUR 425, available 10 randomly selected reasons at a time. Reason No. 6,691: What other class gives you 6,690 reasons to love it?

Meanwhile, grades on the HTML assignment and on re-submitted previous assignments will be posted shortly.

Stay health and safe.